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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does it cost anything to get set up with Evergreen?
A. No. You never have a setup fee. You can use us when you have the opportunity to place a contractor on assignment.

Q. What are some of the details you need to know before you quote a rate for a contract placement?
A. What state is the employee going to be working in and what is the job title. Workers’ comp rates vary depending on job description and physical location.

Q. Do I need a contract in place for temp/contract assignment?
A. Yes! You can add an addendum to an existing contract that you have in place for the contract assignment or a new contract that includes both direct hires and contract placements. Spell out the responsibilities of your client including payment terms, expense reimbursements, pre-employment drug screens, background checks, and per diems. Establish the OT status. Who would be responsible for PTO.

Q. How do you determine a conversion fee?
A. Take your normal direct hire fee and subtract how much profit you have made up until the point of conversion. Do not take how much you have invoiced your client because that includes how much you have paid the person, taxes, insurances, and other expenses. Invoice your client direct for the remaining amount.

Q. How can contract placements increase the value of my business?
A. Recurring revenue stream. You can show continuing revenue beyond your direct hire fees. It will increase the value of your company.

Q. How do I sell the idea of contract placements to my clients?
A. Offer an alternative to your direct hire. You will be seen as a business partner that has the best interest of your client in mind when there might not be monies allotted for a direct hire fee but there is work that needs to be started.



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